2024 General Election and the Role of Political Leaders

Illustrative image of 2024 general election in India.

Analyzing the Unfolding Drama in India. The 2024 General Election results has been a much debated and scrutinized subject in Media. It has raised questions and concerns among the populace regarding the decision-making processes and the sensibility of the approaches taken. This election cycle has certainly challenged the conventional wisdom and provoked a reevaluation of the … Read more

The Paradox of Power

Illustrative image of upcoming election in India.

Exposing the Unequal Balance in democratic India.  What is that one thing that you would like to change, if you were the next prime minister of India? To be more precise, what is that one issue in India which Modi failed to address in the last ten years?    Narendra Modi is a great leader who … Read more

Cauvery water dispute, a Faustian bargain.

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on the night of May 21, 1991 at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu. It was not just another crime in India. It was a well-planned act of terrorism conducted by LTTE, which is no different than Lashkar-e-Taiba. Leaving the politics apart, we should understand that he was not just another person. He … Read more